03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Media Madness: Going Rogue Over Sarah Palin

Enough already on Palin and her new book!

The national media is creating a best seller for the former GOP vice-presidential candidate by its harsh criticisms of her.

It is almost as if talking heads on TV cannot get enough of the former Alaska governor. Every time they speak badly about Palin cash registers ring up a new sale for her book. She is certainly laughing all the way to the bank.

It is indeed ironic that the woman who so often criticized the media for the way they treated her as she tried to explain herself in interviews with Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson and many others is now getting her revenge by seeing her book become a huge bestseller.

The more she is criticized by the national media the more people seem to stand in line to meet her and buy her book.

Sarah Palin has moved beyond being a politician to being the celebrity of the moment. This constant talk of her beginning her presidential bid for 2012 is nonsense.

She is a celebrity. She is her own reality show. She is a terrific self-promoter. She is a household name across the country.

But one thing she is not and will not be is the president of the United States. No one in their right mind will vote for a person for the highest political job in the nation when that person left her last job before her term as governor expired so she could go out and make millions of dollars on her book and related speeches. More power to her for making money but it certainly is not the right resume for someone who wants to be president not to mention the fact that she is not qualified for the job.

So why all the hoopla at the moment over her from Oprah to Barbara to Hannity. It is really too much. And, moreover, it is hard to understand the attraction.

I am from the Midwest and I am not a liberal east coast person who sees her as some type of oddity.

She seems like a concerned mother, devoted wife, hard working and interesting person. But so are many other people across the country.

She is not a public figure. Her accomplishments are few. She was briefly on the national scene for several months in a losing bid with Senator McCain for the White House.

What is it about her that many people in the media feel they can trash her and be disrespectful and get away with it. Why does Newsweek magazine say "She's bad news for the GOP and for everybody else too"?

Why is she making half the country so angry while the other half wait in line to buy her book? It makes very little sense.

Why do people care? She is not making policy. It is not like she is writing a book about finding a cure for cancer or writing the great American novel.

If former Vice President Dick Cheney wrote a book about his eight years in office half the country would probably want to burn his book and the other half wouldn't read it.

It is a strange phenomenon like the new movie Twilight about a teen-age vampire love story. That also makes little sense but it is entertaining.

So, maybe America is being entertained by Palin and commentators are keeping the story going because she is an easy target to get ratings for their shows.

The members of the media who are constantly trashing Palin should stop and show her the same respect they would show other people in public life.

People who see her as some type of spokesperson for their values and their way of life also seem way off base as she is not someone who is in this for the long haul. She quit her job as governor for no apparent reason that I can understand.

I don't really see her having extreme views one way or the other when she talks. She basically seems like someone who got a brief taste of the national limelight and likes it and wants it to continue.

There is little substance in any of this. The media is out of line for being rude to her. And she is settling scores with people she is angry with from her brief foray as a VP candidate.

McCain was throwing a Hail Mary pass by choosing the little known governor of Alaska as his running mate last year. Why there seems to be this fascination with her is really beyond me.

As I said she has passed beyond politics into being known for being known. She is a celebrity in the ultimate reality show. She will not be the president of the United States and eventually she will not be a force in the Republican party.

She will be remembered as someone who attracted our attention and then faded away and we will say in a few years "Whatever happened to McCain's running mate?"

The former mayor of Wasilla seems like a decent person who is set to make millions of dollars on her book and speeches.

Only in America could a person get rich largely because people who don't like her -- in the media -- criticize her and help her bank account grow larger.

Enough already with Sarah Palin! Everybody, let's move on....