The Tea Party: A Democratic Plot or a New Reality Show

09/16/2010 01:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Robert Guttman Director, Center on Politics and Foreign Relations (CPFR), Johns Hopkins University

Everyone is asking if the Tea Party movement is for real as they roll up victories in the midterms from Nevada to Kentucky to Delaware.

The only conclusion that I can come up with is that the Tea Party movement is being run out of the basement of the Democratic National Committee. The Democrats looking ahead saw that 2010 would be a disaster for the party so they brilliantly thought up an idea on how to divide the Republicans. They found totally unprepared candidates with little or no background in the real working world and put them forward to run.

The secret cabal of Democrats working behind closed doors found the best GOP candidates who could never appeal to Independents or moderates -- if any are still in existence -- in their own party. They found candidates most likely to alienate the majority of voters in a general election.

And, again brilliantly the secret group that started the Tea Party movement got the former governor of Alaska to endorse and promote her grizzlies, as another notch on their belt to assure the best possible way to defeat these inexperienced candidates in a general election.

In a year when voters are expressing their anger at all incumbents and wanting to throw them all out of their respective elective offices, this ingenious group of Democrats -- who we assume will make themselves known after the November elections, came up with this incredible plan to divide the GOP.

At a time when the Republicans should have just been blasting the president and his programs that poll after poll show to be unpopular with voters, they are fighting and arguing among themselves and looking for ideologically pure candidates whose views have no real bearing to the real world we live in today.

In other words, the GOP should have been keeping quiet and let the voters express their anger at the polls and put up candidates with wide ranging appeal to bring in disaffected Independents and Democrats on both the left and right who are upset with Obama.

Having the Republicans self-implode and choosing what appear to be the worst candidates possible to appeal to a large segment of voters one can only assume no rational party/and or people would do this so the only answer is that it is a brilliant plot by the Democrats to win in 2010.

If it is not a secret plot by the Democrats then maybe someone sneaked in a new reality television show called GOP Candidates Who Cannot Win In November. Maybe someone or some new television network will come out after the November elections and say how they were pulling our legs and this is all totally fake.

But, what if this really is not a reality television show and is not a clever plot by the Democrats.
Could a national political party really try and divide themselves so badly when all the cards seem to be falling in their favor? Could a national political party really try and destroy what is left of their middle of the road support during the middle of a crucial and possibly historic midterm election?

It makes so little sense that one goes looking for nonsensical answers to these new Tea Party candidates with so little previous experience that it is almost laughable in a political year other than 2010.

On the other hand, the Democrats worked incredibly hard to pass the health care bill and spent months getting it through Congress and talked about how historic it was and now the Democrats are running away from their main piece of legislation passed in this Congress.

Democrats have tried to get national health care since the presidency of Harry Truman and when they finally pass it all the Democrats running for national office now seem to be avoiding it like the plague.

Democrats who should be standing up for what they have accomplished in the last few years now are running so scared they are disavowing everything they have done in this Congress.

Democrats who welcomed Obama to the White House in January, 2009 now go out of their way to not even meet with him when he comes to their state.

It is an odd midterm election campaign. Maybe my tongue in cheek thoughts will somehow be proven true and the conventional wisdom that the Tea Party candidates can't win in November will be proven wrong.

It has been that kind of weird midterm campaign and there does not seem to be any hope for sanity and reason to appear at this late date. Stay tuned.