09/14/2006 01:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Great Thoughts This Week from the Bush Administration

We've reached the point where the White House has become a scene out of the "Wizard of Oz." A disembodied head blowing smoke and making ominous pronouncements, while begging us not to look at the little man behind the curtain.

The words are fantasy, the reality befuddled.

"The safety of America depends on the outcome of the battle in the streets of Baghdad"

-- President George W. Bush, September 11, 2006

Actually, no, it doesn't. Anyone who thinks our safety "depends" on street fighting in Baghdad has a piss-poor, pathetic view of America and should be so ashamed that they stay in their room in disgrace. Of course, if they think that little of America, they probably are already hiding in their rooms. Anyone who thinks America's safety "depends" on Iraq, has no faith in or understanding of America. When critics thought Franklin Roosevelt was lunatic for asking that 50,000 airplanes be built the first year of WWII, Americans built 110,000. After being attacked on 9/11, New York was up-and-running as soon as the wound started healing. These faux-patriots claiming to Love America More Than Others Do, coddled by the President, think so poorly of America that if a Third World nation falls, they believe we're doomed.

Conservatives played this same warped record 40 years ago in Vietnam - if Vietnam fell to the Communists, then Kansas was doomed to eternal Communism. Well, Vietnam did fall to the Communists and...gee, the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, the Berlin Wall? Whoosh, crash, kiss Communism goodbye.

The reality is, if we won over every single Iraqi, and they actually did start throwing candy and flowers at us, who seriously thinks that would mean the end of terrorist attacks in the world, particularly against America? Anybody?? The safety of America depends on so much more other than the bomb-ridden streets of Baghdad. And the sooner faux-patriots recognize that, and America starts putting its resources into actually defending America, as America always has and will, the safer America will be.

"-- there was a relationship in this sense: Zarqawi was in Iraq; al Qaeda members were in Iraq; they were operating, and in some cases, operating freely from Iraq. Zarqawi, for instance, directed the assassination of an American diplomat in Amman, Jordan....They were in the country, and I think you understand that the Iraqis knew they were there. That's the relationship."

-- Tony Snow, trying to show a link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, September 12, 2006

Actually, no, there wasn't. The 9-11 Commission said there wasn't. The Senate Intelligence Committee Report said there wasn't. And Tony Snow and the White House's convoluted logic doesn't make it so. Actually, calling this "convoluted logic" is an insult to "convoluted logic."

By Tony Show's explanation, there was actually a relationship between al Qaeda and George Bush:

" - there was a relationship in this sense: Zacarias Moussaoui was in the U.S; al Qaeda members were in the U.S.; they were operating, and in some cases, operating freely from the U.S. Moussaoui, for instance, directed the assassination of American citizens in New York....They were in the country, and I think you understand that the U.S. knew they were there. That's the relationship."

What Tony Snow said is nuts, and it's shamefully insulting to any thinking American. It's more insulting to any un-thinking American, because they need help the most.

"On the foreign-policy side, if African-Americans indeed care about Africa, how many African-Americans know that this President has tripled official development assistance to Africa, tripled after it was flat since Jimmy Carter?"

-- Condoleezza Rice, in Essence Magazine, September, 2006

If this is how the White House thinks they will win the hearts of African-Americans, that explains why Condoleezza Rice is just a security advisor and not in diplomacy. Oh, wait, she's now Secretary of State. Yipes!!

There is probably only one thing more insulting to tell African-Americans than, "You don't care about Africa. And further, you're too uninformed to know." And that's, "While displaced Blacks are ignored in New Orleans - we've tripled our assistance to another country."

Honestly, what is our top diplomat thinking?? No wonder we're not going for a diplomatic solution in Iraq. Then again, for the person who went on a shoe-buying spree during Hurricane Katrina to chastise African-Americans about aid is just an insane proposition to begin with.

Indeed, while praising their increased "development assistance" to Africa (which is a good thing), it would be interesting to know what other areas of African aid the Administration cut. And it would also be nice to see where in "Africa" the aid went - spread across every nation? To only three countries? Moreover, what cuts in domestic programs were made that would have helped Blacks right here in America? (Perhaps cuts that freed up money for Africa.) Pesky little questions like that.

But most whimsical is hearing a conservative promoting foreign aid. (Honestly, can you imagine if this came out of the Clinton Administration? "We are increasing our foreign aid to..." - anywhere. The screeds would be unearthly.) Mind you, foreign aid is a good thing. It's just that conservatives rarely think so. But then, if you are desperately hoping to somehow convince Blacks to vote for you, anything goes. Of course, it's not a good sign when the only black people you say you're trying to help live 5,000 miles away.

And if you don't have the brains, heart or courage of decency, it doesn't matter how many levers you desperately try to pull.