Hey, C'mon, the Job's Harder Than You Think!!

05/25/2011 12:20 pm ET

I know that President Bush has taken a bit of criticism lately for several challenges in the White House, and to be honest the intense attacks have been terribly unfair. People don't understand the intricacies that go into running a nation. People don't understand how much the president works during the time he's not on vacation. To be fair, they should cut him slack. It really is hard being president.

The bottom line is that it's easy to criticize from the outside. But perhaps if others looked at events from the president's perspective, they'd think twice before laying blame. Perhaps if they looked at how the story would read if a different, previous president was being attacked for the exact same issues, they might be far more understanding. I dare say they would be. It's time for a little compassion for this Compassionate Conservative.

So, let's say the story instead was -

CIA Repudiates President Bill Clinton's Claims of Iran Nukes

It was announced today that the CIA's National Intelligence Estimate confirms that Iran ended its nuclear weapons program four years ago, despite President Bill Clinton repeatedly warning the opposite for the past year, insisting that Iran has been building up its weapons program. Only last month, he invoked the threat as being so great that World War III was a possibility. Now, the NIE contradicts everything that Mr. Clinton has been saying.

The White House press secretary would not confirm how long President Bill Clinton has known that Iran had shut down its nuclear weapons program. The spokesman says that he believes that Mr. Clinton was only informed four days ago, when the NIE was released.

However, reports have surfaced that the CIA has known for a year that Iran's nuclear weapons program was shut down four years ago. Angry Republicans in Congress have suggested that this story means that Mr. Clinton either has not been briefed by his own CIA advisors for the entire past year, or that he was briefed and therefore has been repeatedly telling the nation something he knew was not true, to cause fear and boost his administrations effort to pursue a war with Iran. The White House spokesman would not comment.

As timing would have it, the CIA's NIE document surfaced days before news about the CIA destroying interrogation tapes of two terror suspects. It is believed that the techniques used were those of "water boarding," considered torture since it was introduced during the Spanish Inquisition. The White House says that President Bill Clinton knows nothing about the destroyed tapes. The White House repeats that Mr. Clinton asserts America does not use torture.

In a related story, the number of missing White House emails - previously believed to be 3 million - is now up to 10 million missing. A spokesman insists that President Clinton know nothing about how the emails disappeared or what they contained.

The emails are believed to be related to internal White House discussions on the outing of a CIA terror expert, for which the Vice President's chief of staff was convicted of perjury. President Bill Clinton has said he knows nothing about what was discussed between his Vice President and chief of staff, and never asked.

Closing today's press conference, the press secretary wanted to be clear that President Clinton believes that the NIE report on Iran shutting down its nuclear weapons program four years ago demonstrates that all his repeated warnings of imminent danger are true.

There! You see! You know the Republicans would have accepted all of that. If President Bill Clinton had pleaded a complete unawareness of all the problems touching his office from missing emails to destroyed tapes and refuted warnings about Iran, there's no reason for Republicans to have doubted him. They know how hard a president works -- they saw Ronald Reagan awake a good deal of the time, first hand. They would have stopped pressuring President Bill Clinton right then and there and let his denials drop, no questions asked.

Unless, perhaps there was a stained dress handy.