10/16/2013 03:30 pm ET Updated Dec 16, 2013

Sometimes the Apple Does Fall Far From the Tree

I happened to notice today that I lost all my WiFi connectivity with iOS 7 for my iPod touch. Figuring that perhaps had accidentally changed a setting or something, I checked online. It turns out that I wasn't alone. This is, in fact, a fairly common (and not surprisingly, big) problem.


Given that the main selling point of All Things Apple is how easy it is (not to mention that they never have problems...), I suspect any fix for an Apple product that includes the phrase, "spend a couple minutes with your phone and router" causes a great deal of gut-churning angst in the user base.

The problem is worse than that, though. Looking through online discussions, this "reset the router and network settings" fix doesn't seem to be working for many. And while there are other proposed fixes, they are mostly uncertain, and temporary, with people saying that the problem keeps coming back. More odd, though, are what some of those suggestions are -- one suggestion even involves putting the device in the freezer! If this had been Windows, just imagine the scathing ridicule. (Imagine the TV ad with the freezer...)


But that's nothing. Tosh, a mere pittance of worses. Take a look at this suggestion, which I have seen on many websites, even with reports of it working -- albeit... yes, only temporarily.


Put the device in the freezer! The fricking freezer.

By the way, it gets even worse. In previous versions of iOS, users could revert to an older version of the operating system. But with iOS 7, Apple has blocked them from being possible.

If this issue -- and series of solutions -- had been with Windows, sit back for a moment and just imagine the scathing public outcry and ridicule. (And now that you've done that, imagine the Apple TV ad that has the freezer...)

I wish I had an answer that resolves this for you. Then again, I wish I had an answer that resolves this for me. Updates as they occur...