12/15/2013 05:28 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

A Note On Seasonal Love

The rhythm of life is tuned by my constant companion: Curiosity. That temptress, the mysterious muse of my desire leads to one imperative:

Connect! Connect at the heart, connect at the mind, connect with the body, the spirit.

I am curious about love. I know when I am in its presence and I know when it has broken through my shell. Love of the act of living, the now of feeling, tasting, breathing life. God is love. Therefore love is in every molecule -- if I am not connected to love it is temporary insanity -- a call to contemplation or action or both.

My work has always been about transformation -- how do we wring meaning out of the inevitability of suffering and embrace our true path which is what and where I am currently standing. This is it! Nothing is wasted: catastrophe has the power to reorder our lives in extraordinary ways.

As does beauty. When a medicine woman channeling entities she referred to as The Grandmothers assured me that "Spirit loves beauty," I was released from my fear that aesthetics were derailing my connection to spirit and love. On the contrary, all beauty -- image, word, texture -- most certainly the physical embrace, the very music of love are my connection and my sanctuary.

All hail, love. And what ever--whatever it brings: 'Tis the season to love!