Ain't I Greedy!

04/15/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


UPDATE - March 16, 2009 - 3:45 PM

The American people have responded to the AIG bonuses by suggesting a more appropriate new logo for the American Incompetent Group:



Ever since AIG entered the public consciousness in a very negative way last fall, people have been wondering what the initials stand for.

The stunning news that a company that has collected more than $170 billion dollars in taxpayer money is paying upwards of $450 million in bonuses to the executives whose foolish decisions ran the company into the ground (losing $61.7 billion for the fourth quarter of 2008) and helped to put the nation on the brink of a depression has led to a new round of speculation about what AIG actually means.

Among the leading possibilities:

Assholes in Gold.

Avarice is Great.

America is Gullible.

The speculation ended late Sunday afternoon when the new logo for the company, pictured below, was unveiled.


Historian Robert S. McElvaine is Elizabeth Chisholm Professor of Arts & Letters at Millsaps College and the author of The Great Depression: America, 1929-1941 (Random House) and Down and Out in the Great Depression: Letters from the "Forgotten Man" (North Carolina). His latest book is Grand Theft Jesus: The Hijacking of Religion in America 2008-07-01-GTJcoversm.jpg (Crown).