01/31/2008 11:01 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Huckinator versus the Rombot

A bunch of the commentary following last night's GOP debate focused on the fact that Mike Huckabee has been focused on Romney, avoiding newly-annointed front-runner John McCain. Some have suggested that he's trying to stay in McCain's good graces with an eye on the number two slot. ("I'm running for president, Huckabee told MS-NBC a little while ago. "The last time I looked at all my posters, they said ... for president. I don't remember anything about vice president.")

But there's more immediate logic going after Romney. With McCain's Florida win, the big chunk of votes in play Tuesday can be termed the anti-McCainiacs. In order to survive, Huckabee needs to convince these voters that he's the best alternative to the distasteful McCain. Before he can turn on McCain, he needs to get a clear shot. Romney likewise needs Huckabee gone in order to get a clear shot at Big McC, but because he's viewed as the second man in a two-man race, he had to focus on the Arizonan.

All of this plays to McCain's benefit -- as long as the anti-McCainiacs are split, his path the nomination is clear. So it is possible that the Huck strategy will make him a VP possibility. But I think McCain would go with ... Joe Lieberman.