Are You a Flying ARSE?

07/03/2007 04:18 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

A few weeks back, I described
the ARSE Test
here, a 24-item "self-rating" survey taken from The No Asshole Rule . The ARSE has been completed
by more than 100,000 people since we launched it on Guy Kawasaki's
blog in February. There is also a sequel to the ARSE Test, called "The
Flying ARSE." I developed this 24-item self-rating test to help answer
the question, "Do you make air travel miserable for everyone else?"
Take it at .

Here is the cute and silly
logo that was developed by the folks over at Electric Pulp :


The Flying ARSE was inspired
by the stories that people told me after they read the section in
The No Asshole Rule
about how Southwest and JetBlue have banned
persistently nasty passengers. I had a lot of reaction to the story
from Ann Rhoades about a loud and rude passenger who was hurling insults
at Southwest employees. Ann was the Executive Vice-President for People
at Southwest for years. When I interviewed her for the book, she relayed
to me how a fellow Southwest executive walked up to the irate passenger,
told him that Southwest people didn't deserve such treatment, and
walked the brute over to the American Airlines counter and bought him
a ticket. As Ann put it, "People who work for us don't have to take

When I blogged
about rude air travelers and asked for suggestions for survey items,
I received dozens of emails and comments. The worst was from a woman
who was groped by 70 year-old religious zealot AFTER he had eaten a
can of tuna fish with his fingers. Gross! Most flying arse's
do their dirty work in much more subtle ways. Consider a few sample
items from the test:

You are skilled at multi-tasking
-- walking on the plane, dealing with your luggage, talking on your
cellphone all at once. Sure, you sometimes stand in the aisle a little
longer and bump into people, but it is a good use of YOUR time.

You have a lot of miles on
the airline and make sure that every employee understands that you deserve
superior service.

You put your elbows on both
armrests, even if there is someone sitting next to you.

Join Pam Slim over
at Escape From Cubicle Nation and Diego Rodriguez over at Metacool and the other 6,000
or so people who have taken the Flying ARSE. Pam scored a 2 and Diego
got a 3. I scored a 4; my biggest weakness is that I am overly aggressive
about getting out of the plane. I try to stop myself, but I can't
help unbuckling my seatbelt too soon.

the test
for yourself,
or with someone else in mind. And if you have stories about flying
arses you have encountered or if you have ideas for additional items
that we might add to the Flying ARSE, I would love to hear from you.