07/10/2006 01:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Reason No. 587 to Worry About Hillary

The Financial Times reports today:

Hillary Clinton has been cosying up to Wall Street in recent weeks with a series of meetings with top executives that could help her follow the path blazed by her husband ahead of his first presidential run.

OK, let's concede that it's true that politicians in New York can't easily ignore Wall Street.

This, however, is not that. For one thing, it seems awfully unlikely that this item is the lead story in the print edition of the FT by accident; more likely, Hillary Clinton's camp or their allies wanted to send a message to the business elite that reads the FT. And, as the FT story makes clear, this "cozying up" is about more than fundraising, too: It is to make sure that Wall Street understands that a Hillary Clinton administration would be their friend.

In other words:

A focus on deficit reduction over public investment in needed infrastracture and services.

More corporate-friendly trade deals.

No meaningful support for labor on issues that might affect labor-management power relations.

An obsession with inflation at the expense of raising workers' wages.

Tax policy that's gentle on the corporate bottom line.