09/29/2006 04:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Kissinger-Bush Axis

Will the world ever be rid of Henry Kissinger?

If we can't put him in jail, can we at least force him into retirement?

Bob Woodward tells Mike Wallace in a 60 Minutes interview to be aired on Sunday that Kissinger is a major advisor to President Bush and the White House. "He's almost like one of the family," says Woodward. If he's in town, he can call the president and get a visit if the president is free. Watch a clip here -- you can see Woodward say, "He's back," and Wallace pop his eyes open in response.

Kissinger's message: "Victory is the only meaningful exit strategy," Woodward says.

Even Bob Woodward finds this remarkable.

Listening to Kissinger give stay-the-course advice in Iraq is like listening to the captain of the Titanic giving similar advice with an iceberg looming ahead.

In a wholly different context, my colleague Russell Mokhiber recently wrote,

A lot of people in Washington like to use the word "unbelievable."

We advise against using it.

Everything is believable.

Everything is possible.

Point taken, Russell. How about -- Horrifying? Obscene? Evil?