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Boulder Police Latest to Allow Crime Reporting Online

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Often described as one of best cities to live in, Boulder is joining others who allow online reporting of crimes.

It is already possible to make reports of crimes to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a creation of the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center and Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Even more interesting is the fact that an already existing website allows users to go to a map of the U.S., type in a city, even an address, and see the latest crime reports.

That would be useful for someone planning to buy a home to check on crime being reported in the area. Add that to Google Street View and a buyer would be much better informed.

Of course criminals likely also will find a way to use it. But then more crimes may be reported as well.

The Boulder online center opens July 6, using software called CopLogic Desk Officer Online Reporting System.

"We are really excited about being able to offer this service," said Rebecca Kilpatrick, records manager. "We know that our community has come to expect police services to be provided efficiently and conveniently, and we believe the CopLogic Internet-based reporting service will be very popular."

Boulder police claim the reports will get the same attention that reports made by phone or in person get.

It is not designed nor intended to handle crimes like murder or rape but will accept reports of traffic accidents and hit-and-run incidents. Many crimes like theft under $1,000, vandalism, bike theft, and lost property will be accepted.

The address for the reporting system is:

Some of the benefits are obvious. First, it outsources the work of gathering of such reports to victims, giving police more time to spend on the streets. It also puts them in a database, another time-consuming chore.