07/21/2010 04:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mandela Secret Party Animal?

"Oh To Be 80 Again"

Although he is known for his courage, dignity and elegance, it appears that Nelson Mandela is going to party until he is 99.

At least that's true if you can believe any part of an account of his 92nd birthday last Sunday that was published in the satirical magazine Hayibo, the Onion of South Africa . It claims it was a wild affair in which Mandela said, "Let's commit subversive acts like it's 1960."

A disclaimer. This is one of the stories journalists say is too good to check -- an idea that perhaps should be followed more often.'s account says eggs were thrown, and Mandela, known as Madiba to his people, did donuts in a 1957 Studebaker.

He 'told' the website that it was his best birthday ever.

"My aides came in in with a cake and said, 'Happy birthday, Tata, now here is your schedule of humanitarian duties.' I said, 'Look, I love the orphans, but seriously, if you make me play Saint Madiba today I'm going to freaking orphan all your kiddies. Capiche?"

A bar brawl is said to have erupted that left Mandela suffering a black eye, and a hangover, according to Hayibo.

Rubbing Deep Heat into his shoulder, Mandela said he had given the nation 67 years and now it was time to be a "bad-ass hell-raiser, just for once."

Some would say South Africa never would have survived apartheid without humor. Sometimes it tested the limits in productions at the Market Theater and in books. For the full article go to: