12/15/2010 12:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Time Ignores Voters' Choice Of Assange As Man Of The Year

WikiLeaks Julian Assange has taken another blow that his supporters say was done under pressure from the Pentagon. Time magazine ignored the will of voters and selected Mark Zucerkberg as its Man of the Year.

Given that Facebook has been around for years, and already has been the subject of a movie, it is difficult to see why Zuckerberg's accomplishments are being recognized now.

Assange, on the other hand, is sitting in a London jail. His lawyers say it is because he has riled most of the world's major governments.

The vast majority of blogs in reaction to the decision were negative. The choice was not explained in the article announcing the selection of Zuckerberg.

This choice isn't likely to expand Time's dwindling influence.

Assange got 382,000 votes to the Turkish prime minister, who had 233,000.

didn't even bother to explain why it ignored the voters. In an editorial it merely said Zuckerberg, and his Farmville, poking, and viewers explaining how they change diapers, and Assange, are two sides of the same coin.