12/10/2007 07:53 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mike Huckabee, Meet Ann Coulter

Who knew the aw' shucks Baptist preacher and Governor of Arkansas, with those deep dimples and chiclet teeth, was Ann Coulter's soul mate? I know, I know, Mike Huckabee has a wife, and even though Coulter doesn't (have a husband, that is), I'm not suggesting anything a-Biblical. On the contrary, Huckabee and Coulter are Christo-politico soul mates, pure in their shared vision for America.

Thanks to Matt Drudge dredging up some old words of Huckabee's we know for sure where he wants to take the nation. In 1998, at a meeting of southern pastors in Salt Lake City, Huckabee was explaining why he left the pulpit for the political hustings. "I hope we answer the alarm clock and take this nation back for Christ," he told the crowd. I know it was almost a decade ago, but I don't think he'll be flip-flopping on that one. And why should he? He's in the good company of fellow traveler Coulter, who must have been praising the heavens when she saw the old, but good news about Huckabee today.

In October, Ann Coulter told talk show host Donny Deutsch that her perfect world would look like New York City during the 2004 Republican National Convention. Coulter said, "People were happy. They're Christian. They're tolerant. They defend America ..." When Deutsch, who happens to be Jewish, asked if we should all be Christian, Coulter twice said, "yes," then explained, "Well, it's a lot easier. It's kind of a fast track. ..You have to obey. ..We just want Jews to be perfected, as they say. That is what Christianity is. We believe the Old Testament, but ours is more like Federal Express."

Federal Express? She lost me there, but Huckabee probably gets it. Christian Nation. Perfecting Jews. They must be writing each other's lines.

Here's an idea. Ann could do an Oprah for Mike. Despite showing her fascist underwear on Deutsch's show, she probably still draws a good crowd. They could summon the masses in Iowa and New Hampshire and christen a new movement: "Christian Nationalism." Wouldn't that just be perfect?