04/18/2012 04:26 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2012

Count Me: An Ode to Liberty

Left and Right and Right and Left
Have left America bereft
Of liberty, its founding light.

Christians, Liberals speak of peace
Until they hold the nation's leash,
And send its youth to fight.

The welfare payments quickly rise
While still one half decap'talized;
No end to either blight.

The Left with all its good intent,
The Right with its religious bent,
Have turned our day to night.

It's those who think that they know best
Who softly tyrannize the rest:
Domestic might makes right.

Its means - and not intended ends -
On which the outcomes all depend,
And thus derives our plight.

Many simply cannot see.
Nor others picture remedy.
But some would still be free.

There's something special in this land.
An inspiration, guiding hand,
A glorious legacy:

A Constitution born of blood,
Of constant men, most lost in mud,
Who planted freedom's tree.

That Hippocratic oath for power,
The wisdom for this mortal hour:
"First do no harm," its plea.

And Adams' brushfires now burn hot
In minds engaged in vital plot
For civil sovereignty.

Yet, long the road and steep the climb,
Too many blind, and short the time,
So whence the victory?

From you, my fellow patriot:
You hold the guarantee!
You've always known the answer:
Just say, and mean, "Count me."

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