05/20/2014 11:07 am ET Updated Jul 20, 2014

There Are No Ordinary Moments


As the days of my life become years, I am amazed at the speed with which time moves. Events and incidences, large and small, swing past and around me causing me often to blink in surprise and wonder. It is rather like watching the swirl of snow in a globe and I am that Christmas reindeer being buffeted in the scene's center.

Time's march will not stop, but I can slow my pace as I walk through the days. Let me really see and feel each moment, for truly they will not pass again. And, in this quiet slowing of me, my life is becoming richer. For now I truly know and understand that there are no ordinary moments. Each moment offers me a choice to live completely and fully in it.

Time has marked my face and carved my spirit, but my inner core has not changed. It is to this child-wonder that I bring a heart that has felt much, hurt much and given much. Time's gentle touch has calmed the impatience of my youth and stretched my soul towards a deepening wisdom. A knowing that I may be gone tomorrow now holds the clock's hands. There is a yearning within me now to honor time. I ache to hold each minute's beat close and near. I want to taste it and cherish it, to mark it as mine and bring it into my soul -- to say, "Yes, this is life. And, it is good."

As I open my eyes to the day, let me see the light bouncing off the ceiling or the shadows of a dawn not yet quickened. Let me notice the huffy breath that chuckles the whiskers on my beloved dog's soft-snoring nose. As my feet swing to the floor, allow me to smile at the hilarity that human toes present. We need them to walk, but my, my, are they odd in their configuration.

In sitting at my keyboard writing and checking in with the world, let me notice how the desk lamp's reflection creases a whirl of light off the plastic case of my laptop. My hands typing are elegant in their beauty and usefulness, their agility and warmth.

Let me slow the pace of my brain in conversing with those I meet and greet throughout my day. With conscious thought, let me look into another's eyes and savor that truth-shot moment of a good-morning grin. Let my heart come rising as I share a bit of who I am with someone else. Let me delight in the simple joy that I am not alone and others are doing this life with me.

This slowing of time has taken some practice. This awareness of life around me has taken discipline. The rewards are amazing, though. Time no longer seems to dance past me in a "There it goes!" whoosh. Each moment is noted and special, honored and fully lived. In this I am so very blessed, because I finally know and truly understand that there are no ordinary moments.

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