Tiger Woods Is Back... But for How Long?

08/10/2011 04:00 pm ET | Updated Oct 10, 2011
  • Rodney Green Director of Golf, Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club

Realistically, with more than half the season already on the books and Tiger's history of playing on a limited schedule, we may not see Tiger more than a half-dozen times before the end of the year. After watching Tiger play this weekend at the Bridgestone Invitational, one can only wonder how many more times he'll actually play before the season officially ends in October. With one major event left (the PGA Championship in Atlanta) next week and the Fed-Ex Cup playoffs beginning in late August, don't expect to see him very much from then on. Presently Tiger has not accumulated enough points to even participate in the Fed-Ex playoffs. He currently sits in 128th position needing to be at 125th or better to join the fields for the 4 tournament $10 million winner-take-all series.

If he plays well in the PGA championship next week he could gain the necessary points to advance to the playoffs.

And let's face it. Golf is not the same without Tiger. Anyone who says that they didn't miss watching Tiger play over the last few years is not being truthful or at best just being a Tiger-hater. The young guns that have burst upon the scene have played admirably, but none of them have come close to showing the dominance or consistency that Tiger had when he was on his game. Equally, it's hard for me to listen to the media as they make an assertive effort to shred this man on every aspect of his life and his golf game. While I agree that Tiger is the sole one blame for the predicament that he is in, it only saddens me to see the pleasure the media gets from kicking this man while he's down.

While I'd love to see him make a strong comeback, I'm afraid this year will end pretty much just like last year with Tiger having a mediocre season. There is really not time for much else. One can easily blame the struggles with his game on all the off-course issues that he's faced since November 2009. The fact is, even if he hadn't gone through this whole ordeal, making a major swing overhaul would have taken some time to complete. The off-course issues coupled with the injuries have only made it worse. One thing is for sure with golf -- you have to play continuously to get in and stay in a groove. He looked tentative at best this weekend. The one thing that elevated him for so many years in the past was his high level of confidence. When you are going through a major swing change it's very hard to trust your swing. When you hit a couple of loose shots under pressure, along with missing a few short putts, it only increases the lack of confidence in your swing.

One will never question Tiger's work ethic; everyone knows he puts in the work. I can only hope that moving forward he will surround himself with people who have no financial interest in his well being or he could end up following the same transgressions that got him jammed up the first time. When everyone in your camp is on the payroll, no one is going to question you out of fear of losing their job. This scenario plays itself out in many celebrity accounts of misfortune. Sad thing is they all saw it coming, but were too afraid to say anything. It's been said that: "That which doesn't kill you can only make you stronger" Let's hope so in Tiger's case.