10/26/2006 09:30 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

12 Days and Counting: Will Women Show up at the Polls on November 7?

For the first time since they started keeping records, the Census Bureau has seen a tipping of the domestic scales - revealing that the majority of American households are no longer shared by a husband and a wife. That's right, now more than half of American homes are now headed by someone 'Unmarried.' Welcome to the new reality of 21st Century America.

In light of these new demographics, it's no longer "Soccer Mom's" or "Security Mom's" or whatever they want to call us this week who are the Holy Grail for both parties in this most important of mid-term election - it's single women. And according to the numbers crunchers, there are 47 million in this group.

But while we're talking statistics, here's the kicker -- 20 million of these single women didn't vote in the last election. Some have never even voted at all.


According to a Washington D.C based group, Women's Voices. Women Vote, single women often feel that no one is listening, no one is speaking to them and no one is addressing the issues that concern them. But for so many women - hard at work, some raising kids, many on the economic margins earning $30,000 dollars a year or less, it is extremely hard to become informed. And this keeps many of them away from the polls. They feel that what matters to them isn't on the radar of most politicians ...until now. has been working tirelessly to reach these women - the largest group of non-voters in the country with a new PSA campaign previously featured on Huffpost, Remember Your First Timecreated by Balcony Films. The campaign features some of our best known actresses from both film and TV. Felicity Huffman, Angie Harmon, Regina King, Marg Helgenberger, Tyne Daly and others dish about their first that is.

Reaching out to these women really works. The research done by Women's Voices. Women Vote over the past two elections reveals that when these women learn they are part of such a large group-and that they can be a real force in the political debate - they feel empowered--and their idea about the role they could play politically dramatically changes.

As we count down to Election Day on November 7th, Fearless Voices at Huffpost will celebrate and reach out to these women. In fact, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to suggest that if these women voted -they would be THE DECIDERS. Now that's power.

So here's what we're doing everyday between now and Election Day:

- We will highlight this campaign each day until election day. For the next 10 days there will be a different version of these PSA's for you to watch and forward to your friends. Click here to watch the first one.

- Download the "Remember your first time" button from the Fearless voices website and add it to your own. Display it proudly and encourage others to take it from you and pass it on...

We know how powerful our social networks are - so let's use them.

-We want you to write or call your local television stations and tell them they should air these PSA's so umarried women all over this country can get the message that acting together they can make a big impact on November 7th.

The challenge now is to keep women engaged and to reach out to many more.

So let's take on the Women's Voices campaign challenge: "We don't have to Dream about the future. We can wake up and vote for it."