01/21/2007 10:32 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Too Much Sex = Failed Relationships: What Will They Think of Next?

Oh no, Dr. Keroack, say it ain't so!

It was bad enough last November, when Bush appointed Dr. Erik Keroack, an anti-choice, abstinence-only yes-man to run the government's $238 million family planning programs -- that he entrusted a card-carrying Christian Right charter-member whose mantra is "birth control is demeaning to women" to dole out said birth control. That was bad.

But now it's even worse: Dr. Keroack is seeing a groundswell of support for his theory that too much sex before marriage leads to an inability to stay in a committed relationship. Really. And he's attempting to seek out science instead of faith on this one: He is making the claim that with too much pre-marital lovin', our supply of Oxytocin, the precious "bonding hormone" diminishes- - that it loses it's "stickiness" he says, much like a piece of scotch tape loses it's ability to hold after one too many sticks. Use it and lose he says, so best save if for when you need it, AFTER a walk down the aisle.

Well, Dr. Keroack, if you're going to go 'off the board' into neuropsychiatry, beware the neuropsychiatrists who actually do know what they are talking about. Especially Dr. Louann Brizendine, author of the bestseller, The Female Brain. She's been quote outspoken about Keroack's wacky theories - most recently in Stacy Schiff's NYT piece last week where she calls Oxytocin the Glinda the Good Witch of her field. "It is the drug of trust and partnership and attachment, commonly known by their street name: love. Oxytocin mellows, elates, and throws you into a mental fog. Rats prefer it to cocaine. While the rush at childbirth is particularly dramatic, the hormone swells with physical and emotional bonding of all kinds." And according to Dr. Brizendine and other experts in her field, there's absolutely NO proof that this happy hormone - like our oil supply - is a limited resource, in danger of depletion.

So take that Dr. Keroack. You need to stop preaching your faulty theory that there is a hormonal cause and effect which can only be short circuited by sexual abstinence before marriage (although it was a nice distraction from your constant ranting about abortion). The experts beg to differ - our Oxytocin is alive and well and yes, constantly replenishing. Please go back to your day job and pay attention to the task at hand - providing access and reproductive health information to those who need it --even as you sit in judgment of those knocking at your doors.