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Ronen Paldi

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Exploring Egypt During The Turmoil (PHOTOS)

(0) Comments | Posted October 14, 2011 | 12:50 PM

For centuries, Egypt has sparked the imagination of poets, writers, scientists and everyone in between. Because the ancient Egyptians were so advanced yet so mysterious, Egypt fascinates has long fascinated the Western world, where touring displays of ancient Egyptian artifacts still sell out, as they always have.

Egypt's landscape varies...

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To Istanbul And Beyond: Turkey's Diverse Attractions

(7) Comments | Posted September 14, 2011 | 12:13 PM

Those looking for an exotic and remarkable vacation can do no better than Turkey. The country is so large that nearly every climate a vacationer could want is available. Whether you want to shop, experience culinary delights, or swim in tropical waters at a beach resort, Turkey has it all....

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Considering a Trip to Cuba? Be Careful

(10) Comments | Posted August 9, 2011 | 10:17 AM

It seems that there is an insatiable desire within the US to visit Cuba no matter how many restrictions are put in place. Now, with some of the easing of those restrictions, people are jumping at the chance. In recent months there have been a number of tour operators and...

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Looking to Relax? How About Visiting a Centuries-Old Health Spa?

(0) Comments | Posted July 15, 2011 | 10:32 AM

For millennia, human beings have traveled vast distances to partake of waters that have been rumored to heal and relax. Throughout the world there are spas and vacation sites set up around mineral springs that are rumored to provide health benefits. The strange thing about the Dead Sea is that...

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When It Comes to Planning That Dream Vacation, Smaller May Be Better

(0) Comments | Posted June 7, 2011 | 4:34 PM

Planning a vacation, particularly one to some faraway destination, seems like something that you should do through one of the many large tour companies. You might think the larger companies have all of the tools and resources to produce an unforgettable vacation. They have so much money at their disposal,...

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10 Things You May Not Have Known About Turkey

(3) Comments | Posted May 25, 2011 | 2:19 PM

Turkey is one of the most beautiful and exotic locations on earth. However, many people don't know just how amazing this land is, or they just have misconceptions about it. What many people do not realize is that Turkey is unlike any other country in the region. Here are 10...

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What Egypt Really Needs Now: Tourists

(0) Comments | Posted April 11, 2011 | 2:40 PM

2010 was a tremendous year for Egypt, at least in terms of tourism. Reports indicate that Egypt had more than 15 million tourists throughout the year. That was a 15% increase over the numbers from 2009. For years, the country saw their tourism dollars growing by leaps and bounds, increasing...

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Media Coverage of the Middle East May Raise Concerns Where None Are Warranted

(2) Comments | Posted March 9, 2011 | 6:17 PM

The press has latched on to the unrest in areas of the Middle East to the point that you might think there was nothing else going on in the world. It creates the perception that the entire region is unstable, ready to explode in protest and possible violence. The truth...

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5 Things to Consider Before Booking that Dream Vacation to that Exotic Location

(0) Comments | Posted February 13, 2011 | 12:16 PM

The recent demonstrations and violence in Egypt are the latest such display of civil unrest. In recent memory, there were demonstrations in France and, last year, Greece also had large protests and demonstrations. What does this mean for the average traveler or vacationer? Does it mean that they should lock...

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(1) Comments | Posted January 19, 2011 | 1:50 PM

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American Culture Shock: Visiting Israel and Dealing with Shabbat

(7) Comments | Posted December 14, 2010 | 5:21 PM

The Israel tourism numbers seem to show that there is no shortage of Americans, from all walks of life, who want to visit the country. Because Israel is important to several major religions and a major force on the global stage, this interest is understandable. However, American tourists would be...

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What Travelers Should Know About Visiting Israel

(37) Comments | Posted November 23, 2010 | 11:47 AM

If you were to go by the stories you see on the news you might expect that travel to Israel was suffering terribly. Throughout 2010, the news reported hostility between various countries and Israel. You might be surprised to hear that tourism has never been better in that part of...

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