02/20/2014 10:45 am ET Updated Apr 22, 2014

3 Climate Change Quizzes

As I write this, a Nor'easter is barreling its way towards my home, threatening to dump over a foot of snow. Once again, I find myself batting away questions about "global weirdness." The snow, ice and freezing temperatures in parts of the country have climate deniers climbing out of snowbanks with smug questions like, "If it's so crazy cold and snowy, what's all this talk about global warming?"

The retort to this anti-science banter is that while our extreme weather is the center of our universe, it is not the center of the climate of a scientifically-proven warming globe. Our collective changing climate is fueling the intensity of winter storms. We know this because the atmosphere is holding more moisture, while overall snow has decreased in the Northern Hemisphere.

Since it is a "snow day," and I need to amuse myself beyond watching Donald Trump trying to prove climate change doesn't exist because he's shivering on Fox News, I can hone up on my knowledge about the nuances of climate change and global warming.

As a teacher, I know this doesn't have to mean diving into an abyss of doomsday reports and studies -- Why not take a quiz!

Take these 3 climate change quizzes and let us know in the comments below how climate-savvy you are, and what you learned:

  1. Quiz 1 The odd effects of global climate change.
  2. Quiz 2 These climate science questions will surprise you.
  3. Quiz 3 How well do you know snow?

Even if your elected officials are frozen in anti-science climate denial, please let the EPA know that you know carbon pollution causes climate change and you support strong regulations. Thank you.