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Rosalyn Hoffman
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Rosalyn Hoffman is the author of Smart Mama, Smart Money: Raising Happy Healthy Kids Without Breaking the Bank, and Bitches on a Budget: Sage Advice for Surviving Tough Times in Style. of the same name. Known as 'the lifestyle-guru' she has an active and engaged social media community on Facebook and Twitter and writes for both Smart Mama and The Bitches blog. Roz was a Buzz Board Insider and a contributor to The Daily Beast. Bitches on a Budget has been featured on the JWT Anxiety Index, a measure of significant cultural movements, and its television rights have been optioned by Sharp Entertainment.

Entries by Rosalyn Hoffman

Healthy Hummus for Every Budget

(1) Comments | Posted June 18, 2013 | 8:41 AM


In honor of National Eat Your Vegetable Day make this go-to hummus recipe for healthy eating.

Why bother to make hummus when every Tom, Dick and Mary corner store sell so many varieties? Simple. It will cost you oh-so-much less and taste oh-so-much better...

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Armani's Secret Island of Pantelleria

(1) Comments | Posted June 14, 2013 | 5:45 PM

The Italian island of Pantelleria sits in the Mediterranean Sea closer to Africa than Sicily. A magnificent place of haunting natural beauty, stunning architecture, and delicious food and wine.

Pantelleria is not for those who aspire but for those who have arrived.

Read more from

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I Am A Bostonian and I Refuse to Be Afraid

(0) Comments | Posted April 16, 2013 | 2:51 PM

I am now a resident of Beirut and Jerusalem and Baghdad and Kabul and London and Belfast and Oklahoma City. I refuse to be afraid.

Yesterday's bombings shook my world. Literally. An hour before the bombs blew up, I got off a train at Back Bay station to find my...

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An Unadulterated Guide for Women and Whiskey

(5) Comments | Posted March 4, 2013 | 2:22 PM

Whiskey is all the rage. Watered down or otherwise, we're big whiskey drinkers. Not to brag or anything, but we were way ahead of the blade with the complete tutorial we gave you in our first book, Bitches on a Budget, but just in case you've forgotten the lesson,...

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Ten Savvy Ways to Save at the Supermarket

(5) Comments | Posted February 21, 2013 | 1:52 PM

Want to eat a healthy diet but are worried about the cost? Here are ten simple -- and coupon-free -- tips to saving at the supermarket. Use the money you save to bulk up on whole grains, fresh fruits and legumes.

  1. Look for sale items on end-caps...
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Horse Meat Worries? Grind It Yourself

(3) Comments | Posted February 12, 2013 | 10:06 AM


Admit it, with the widening horsemeat scandal in Europe, aren't you feeling even more skittish than usual about which nasty bits of leftover scraps are in pre-made burgers and packages of ground round?

There is an easy solution. Grind...

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Ban Parents on the Sidelines?

(0) Comments | Posted August 26, 2012 | 2:08 PM

It's back to school time and parents everywhere are frantically signing their kids up for afterschool activities and worrying about how to pay for and fit flute, drama and soccer games into their packed lives. One question I am repeatedly asked is, "how can I possibly go to Yvonne's gymnastics...

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President Obama's Mother's Day Present

(0) Comments | Posted May 10, 2012 | 5:37 PM

Bravo, Mr. President.

When I was little I remember going into stores with my mom. Wherever we went she had spirited conversations (always about food): discussing dim sum with the lady from China at the laundry, explaining how she made blintzes to the lady from Naples at the bakery....

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This Week on Etsy: 6 Smart Gifts for Mother's Day

(0) Comments | Posted April 23, 2012 | 4:36 PM

We're obsessed with using Etsy to fill our gift giving needs. Buying unique presents directly from a worldwide marketplace of artisans and collectors allows us to skip the ho-hum box stores and avoid paying middleman mark-ups. Plus, we think it's pretty cool that this summer Etsy is

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The Smart Mama, Smart Money Survival Rules

(0) Comments | Posted April 5, 2012 | 3:23 PM

• We will call what we're doing work. Even if the world doesn't acknowledge it, we will: Motherhood is the hardest work in the world. It's physically demanding, psychologically strenuous, spiritually complex, and unpaying.

• We will cry when we need to.

• We will laugh maniacally when we need...

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Ice Cream in the Park, Parenting and Individual Responsibility

(3) Comments | Posted April 5, 2012 | 9:15 AM

Whether it's looking both ways when crossing the street or not touching their privates in public or making safe choices when it comes to drinking and drugs, it's a parent's job to instill in their kids the values and habits needed to make wise choices. The same is true when...

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Smart Parents Love Their Veggies

(5) Comments | Posted March 29, 2012 | 2:34 PM

Loads of things make me crazy: comb-overs on bald men, useless (often pantless) starlets getting publicity, overpaid professional athletes and faux-cooks/-cookbook writers who give you recipes to disguise vegetables for kids.

Hell, no. This is just not right. Trust is elemental. No tricking them into anything.

More to the point:...

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6 Smart Mama Tips To Save More Than Your Sanity

(1) Comments | Posted March 22, 2012 | 9:41 AM

From the moment your kids are born, the kiddie-perfecting-complex is urging you to spend, spend, spend. You're worried that without the right gadget, clothes, and lessons your little wonders will be behind the eight ball. Right? Relax. From cradle to college, we've shopped the world, made the meals, balanced the...

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Lessons Learned From "The Lorax"

(3) Comments | Posted March 2, 2012 | 3:18 PM

As Read Across America day was being kicked off at the New York Public Library by The Lorax stars Zac Efron and Danny DeVito, I was home watching Stephen Colbert's funny spin on the number of product placements -- over 70-- embedded in the movie.  As...

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Gifts on a Budget: Rosewater and Pistachio Meringues

(1) Comments | Posted December 13, 2011 | 5:25 PM


We love giving stylish and thoughtful treats for the holidays. Chic presents that look like they were made for the one percent, but anyone can afford. Since no gift comes more from the heart and no gift is better for your wallet than...

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Muddled Martinis the Right Drink for Our Times

(3) Comments | Posted August 10, 2011 | 4:01 PM

Riots, plunging world markets, broken budget deals, useless political systems are enough to send anyone to the booze. Hey! We're not judging. We're just thinking that when you reach for a long, tall, stiff one -- it should taste good. We've been experimenting and found the perfect solution for the...

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Travel Tips to Keep You Covered

(0) Comments | Posted June 21, 2011 | 11:10 AM

To celebrate the arrival of summer we're sharing our key travel advice to keep both you and your wallet safe:

You are not invincible. Approach travel with extreme caution. Even reluctant-to-leave travelers, once launched, develop super-women complexes. Not to get all metaphysical, but something about suspending who they are in...

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"Tech" Dad Out for Father's Day: 5 Affordable Gadgets

(1) Comments | Posted June 14, 2011 | 2:08 PM


Don't take dad out to a fancy restaurant for Father's Day. Tech him out with the latest in affordable gear! Whether it's a new reader that gives him access to an infinite world of books from the comfort of the couch, or a top of box player that...

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3 Rules for Buying From "The Flash Sale Mob"

(2) Comments | Posted April 1, 2011 | 3:34 PM

We're here to offer a cautionary tale of what happens when you violate the basic rules of buying from what we call "The Flash Sale Mob."

In order to write about and report on sites like Gilt Groupe and Groupon, we need to cruise them and it's tricky-hard to...

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Chocolate and James Franco a Sexy Recipe for Oscar Night

(0) Comments | Posted February 22, 2011 | 4:43 PM


James Franco, warm from the oven chocolate brownies, a tall glass of milk, and comfy PJs are our recipe for a satisfying night of Oscar watching. While we have a healthy sense of humor and spend a lot of...

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