06/27/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Boobquake: Was the Lane Bryant Ad too Sexy?

Let's be real. Sex sells. Craig's List, Eliot Spitzer, Victoria's Secret, and now Lane Bryant.

Craig's List is making big bucks off prostitution. Eliot Spitzer is a sexy subject for a movie and two new tell-all books because he bought what Craig's List is selling. Vicky's secret? Objectifying women, promoting unhealthy body images and selling sex to 'Tweens. Now, Lane Bryant has jumped into bed with their Cacique brand of lingerie.

When we read that ABC and Fox rejected a Lane Bryant ad featuring a model in her underwear as being inappropriate for their 8:00 PM time slot we were surprised. Could their business be that robust? An outcry has ensued. Lane Bryant accusing the networks of discrimination against plus sized models and the networks accusing Lane Bryant of a publicity stunt.

The "Culture Warriors" on The O'Reilly Factor speculated the networks could be in a twit because "with plus size models you're going to get more cleavage." (Hello, there are plenty of very thin women with lots of cleavage.) But, if true, then the networks (and probably the country) need to be run by adults and not fourteen year old boys freaking out about seeing too much boob at 8:00 PM on television.

We're wondering, though, if it's possible that a gorgeous model with luscious angles is 'sexier' than a clothes hanger wearing clothes? Maybe Lane Bryant, the plus sized clothing company, did a better job selling the promise of seduction than their once sister company Victoria's Secret (both were owned by the Limited) .

We're usually first in line calling out the fashion industry on the destructive nature of portraying underweight and airbrushed models. Our articles "The Velveteen Revolution" and "Love Your Body" call on the garment business and the entertainment industry to portray all body types as gorgeous and sexy.

So, whether they were censored or not, we say bravo to Lane Bryant. They created a warm, musky, suggestive ad with a woman who looked like a woman and not a little girl --or little boy, for that matter.

One last thought: Ladies watch the Lane Bryant ad and let us know if you feel like it's talking to you rather than some schmuck with a six pack in his hand (we won't speculate about the activities of the other hand) watching women parading around jet planes, cars and each other.

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