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Rose Cameron
Rose Cameron - CEO and Founder of WAT-AAH!, one of the fastest growing and most exciting brands of functional bottled water for kids and teens free of sugars or sweeteners of any kind. Dismayed by the growing obesity problem in America's youth, the idea behind the brand was inspired by her children who found water to be “boring” and undesirable. So she decided to face this challenge head-on, and started thinking of ways to make drinking water as exciting as drinking sodas and other sugary drinks. Along with her two boys and 20+ years of experience in brand building and developing successful national marketing campaigns for various industries, she and her sons worked together to design WAT-AAH!’s screaming boy logo and its first line of functional products, which entered the market in 2008. Now the brand is sold in major supermarkets and schools across the country.

Since then, WAT-AAH! has aimed to make water “cool” and contemporary to kids and teens to encourage their consumption. WAT-AAH! is renowned for its Move Your Body campaign and its recently announced sponsorship of the Songs For Healthier America program promoting Michelle Obama’s initiative to fight childhood obesity. WAT-AAH! is also know for its Healthy Hydration in The Nation Lecture Series, an educational program teaching students the importance of drinking water. The brand continues to spread it message working alongside many celebrities as well such as The Jonas Brothers, Willow Smith, Austin Mahone, Mindless Behavior, Cody Simpson, Diggy Simmons and Disney's Bella Thorne along with NFL/NBA Athletes such as Marques Colston of the New Orleans Saints, Pat Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals, Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions, Steve Nash of the LA Lakers and Lou Williams of the Atlanta Hawks.

Entries by Rose Cameron

Could 'America's Sweetheart' Be the Gateway to Kids' Consumption of Diet Sodas?

(2) Comments | Posted November 11, 2013 | 9:19 AM

As the discussion continues to intensify on celebrities and athletes starring in food and beverage advertisements, some of the most instantly-recognizable celebrities are being called into question. From LeBron James to Beyoncé to Katy Perry, celebrities and athletes are being criticized for lending their fame to promote products, as stated...

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According to Kids, Coke and the Critics Are Missing the Point

(5) Comments | Posted January 27, 2013 | 6:31 PM

Last week I've watched with great interest the commercials launched by Coca-Cola, which were created to engage in the discussion on obesity and provide a perspective on the role that sugar and sodas play in this health dilemma. As a mother of two boys , a former ad executive and...

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