03/21/2011 04:25 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

A Peaceful Future: What Does It Take to Get There?

In order to get to a peaceful place in this seemingly complex world, we need to get to a state of maturity where logic and factual knowledge are the leading forces. As a part of this maturation process, we need to learn to dig for the truth and act accordingly. If we are not sure what the truth is, the best act may be no action at all.

If we become guarded against a multidimensional explanation of how problems arise, and use a number of primitive defenses like blaming, projecting, denying or putting a label on an issue, another dead end comes to be. We have had too many dead ends and are getting close to a fork in which we need to make a choice. More than ever, we need to come to a level of awareness that our individual and collective choices have ripple effects. More than ever we need to learn to come together and work in harmony rather than compete and create conflict.

History shows that the few times humans have been able to bring out their diversity and come together have been the most productive times of humanity, not to mention the most pleasurable and peaceful ones for all. We need to help this ego realize that there is a reason for the variety in life, and we need to learn to find that reason and make it work. Our primitive self needs to stop getting in our way so that we're able to see this unity.

Fighting to keep an outworn status quo is resisting life unfolding itself. Once we get into a resistance mode, we will get blindsided to the truth, to alternative solutions, and to what benefits most rather than a few. When we sincerely open our heart to the truth and ask for it, a gentle breakthrough happens -- gentle because depth takes time. It is as if the clouds are shifting and the sun is shining. Things that have been eluding us become clearer. All experiences of life fit in with each other and the pieces of the puzzle start to make sense. There is usually a reason for the truth to be hidden from us. We are not prepared for it. But once we are prepared for it, we open, expand, and feel liberated. Knowledge is power, and change that matters comes with that. When our mind becomes clear, we can gain a sense of confidence and trust with life that helps us in moving forward. That's when we can trust our truth, based on our inner visions, which has come through acceptance. Then we feel ready to let go of things that block us from moving forward.

To get to a peaceful place in this world and pass through the chaos:

  1. We need more leaders who have enough courage to tell the truth even if it hurts some of our feelings. It is not our leaders' job to make us feel good but to tell us the truth and act on it and demand that we do the same.
  2. We need to be more accountable. The blaming game is over. East blaming the West, West blaming the East, people blaming the government and each other, government blaming people. All this is nothing more than denying the truth. The truth that we all play a part and need to take steps. We need to understand that compromises need to be made and that the external world is not responsible for providing and compensating for every need we have. To get some, we need to give first. Sacrifices need to be made on every level for any change to happen.
  3. We need a role model on a global level. People want change but are not sure what it is they want because they do not have a model to learn from. The U.S. used to be a role model in the Middle East and had a reputation of modernity and democracy, but it lost it a few decades ago. The U.S. now has the chance of gaining that reputation back since it has more advanced technology and more options for growth. With certain privileges come responsibilities not only to the self but to others, in this case the responsibility to bring integrity back to this world so that others can follow.

At the end, to ensure that our children have a prosperous life that is sustainable in one part of the world, we need to support having the same in other areas. If there are an increasing number of people that are struggling for survival and live in pain and suffering and are dragged into the states of helplessness, frustration, being misinformed and living in a repressed society, we are going to be affected by it one way or the other. Some people need to realize that the Middle East is not one big unlimited gas station to be used for other people's overconsumption, and then some others need to realize that the West is not to blame for tribal conflicts and outdated beliefs.

We need to take steps to become aware and demand change not only for a better life for us but for a better life for all humanity, asking for global changes, deep and root-oriented changes. We owe it to our children to look beyond the tip of the iceberg and see how we can become a part of the solution.


Roya R. Rad, M.A., Psy.D.
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