05/16/2011 03:59 am ET | Updated Jul 16, 2011

Tips for Staying Calm in a Chaotic World

Many of us are feeling an outer world that seems hectic, but learning to find a balance between a faithful heart and a logical mind can be helpful in walking through this seemingly wild stage of life. The key is always finding a balance. This is a process that does not have an ending. To be able to maintain a sense of stability in a world that is changing so rapidly, it may be helpful to pay attention to these tips.

1. Life is about wholeness.

Life is not an ideal scenario but a real one. We can't have a day without a night. A day comes into being only because there is a night. We can't appreciate, define and value good until we have something to counter that. That is the reality of life, and that is how many of us learn. Light cannot exist without shadow, so don't be fooled by the deception of perfection. Anything based on an illusory definition of perfection is rooted in untruthfulness, because it is denying a part of the truth of wholeness.

2. Self-realization is more important than ever.

In this ever-demanding world, it is crucial for us to learn to self-evaluate and self-reflect on a continuous basis. It is almost as important as eating and bathing. We have so many elements to our identity that it is not simple anymore. We are indeed evolving. Seeking our wholeness is a necessity, not a luxury only to be sought by certain visionaries. Our chances of survival and the chances of living a healthy, productive and peaceful life lessen if we do not comprehended the importance of self-realization. We need to become conscious of what we really are and bring it into form. We need to regenerate.

3. Keep the faith alive.

Finding a balance between faith and reason gets you closer to your wholeness. A logical mind is only useful when it is cooperating with a faithful heart, and a faithful heart will not be trapped in an imaginary world if it learns to work with a logical mind. One without the other can create fixation, insecurity, rigidity, illusion and confusion. Keep an open heart and mind, but be selective of what goes in. Trust in the magical and healing power of love to transform life. A great period is just around the corner.

4. Learn to catch your irrational fear; don't be a salve of your own fears.

We are entering into unfamiliar territory where there is a great deal of uncertainty. This is a part of our evolution. We are developing more at a faster speed. While it is natural to feel some apprehension, you have to be careful about how much is too much. Your mind will try to create all sorts of stories about the things that will or may go wrong. It may intensity your natural fear and turn it into an irrational form that holds you back or creates blind spots and turns you into a timid, judgmental and resentful person that you were not meant to be. If you learn to be in harmony with your body, it will give you clues and signals of any real danger. Then you can filter out the irrational ones. Stay relaxed but vigilant at the same time. Use your body's rhythm to connect to your instinct. You can only do that with a clear mind. Take deep breaths, take quiet walks, listen to relaxing music, learn to love spending some time with yourself, read a good book, self-reflect, meditate, enjoy time with people who make you feel good, get help from experts, slow down and learn not to react but to respond. And last but not least, learn to lighten up your baggage of any repressed emotion, irrational thinking pattern and outdated beliefs, and become more flexible while grounded.

5. Life seems like a roller coaster now, but there is an end.

All these trails and ups and downs are a part of this thing we call life. We cannot give up in the face of adversity. If anything, we need to focus more and be hopeful. There is no denial that a part of life is unpredictable. Sometimes we may face ordeals that are not light. But with a clear intention, a commitment to purpose and a willingness to be determined, there is a calmer stage coming ahead.

6. Having well-defined but flexible boundaries is vital.

If you have a natural ability to give a lot of yourself, like many of us do, you have to learn ways to have boundaries. Self-protection is important for having a healthy and productive life. If you forgive others too easily, you set yourself up for being hurt again. Forgiving from your heart means you let go of any negative attachment to the person who hurt you. But you still have the duty of self-protection by making sure you are not forced to do the things that are not in harmony with your center and are rooted in a feeling of guilt, shame and unreasonable obligation.

7. Learn to connect and respect your heart and mind.

There is an unbelievable sense of totality within you -- a pure heart that may need some cleaning and a logical mind that may need some filtration. If you start the curative process and find a way to build a bridge between these two, you are on your way to your true self rather than a false one and can then find a state of calmness even in a hectic world.

In the end, you have to be patient with yourself. There are no quick fixes. Healing and self-realization take time and effort.

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