Holiday Click: "Discover New York Arts Project"

12/12/2011 01:17 pm ET | Updated Feb 11, 2012

We are bringing the arts to everyone through technology in New York City. It may be hard to find a busier place in December -- with the possible exception of the North Pole. Merge the already bustling business, entertainment and cultural capital of the world with an influx of millions of visitors -- a full-year record of 50 million -- and you have an unrivaled hive of activity.

For both residents and visitors alike, entertainment options in New York City seem countless -- and at many times, daunting. Yet beyond the obvious options of ice skating under the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center or catching a major Broadway production, some of the most entertaining concerts, shows and productions in the city can instead be found just steps away from the limelight -- on the stages of New York's lesser known but no less entertaining non-profit performing arts organizations.

New York City is a competitive place, with many marquee attractions vying for attention, so how can these small and mid-size art organizations capture the attention of the average visitor to the city?

Enter a new partnership between and Bloomberg Philanthropies. The Discover New York Arts (DNyA) Project marries the power of search and ad platform technology with performing arts groups in New York City to provide an enhanced gateway for New York residents and visitors alike to discover what these exciting programs have to offer.

Here's how it works:

  • Each of the 30 participating organizations in the DNyA Project -- all Bloomberg Philanthropies Arts Advancement grantees -- have their upcoming events listed on, the Internet's leading ticket search engine.
  • Off the Discover New York Arts homepage, each group has a dedicated venue page featuring a venue map, performance video clips, social media feeds and direct links to purchase tickets to upcoming events.
  • With hundreds of thousands of consumers shopping for tickets on SeatGeek each month, the listings for a performance at DNyA participant Playwrights Horizons will now appear on SeatGeek right alongside those for The Book of Mormon.
  • In brief, it's a unique marriage of emerging technology with philanthropy to support local performing arts.
Through this creative partnership, these arts groups will now be able to market themselves on a scale not previously possible. This will expand their visibility to all comers -- from the arts aficionado to the Giants fan looking for something different to do with their Sunday afternoon. Lee Briccetti, Executive Director of Lower Manhattan's Poet's House, sums it up best:

We often have people say to us, 'If only we'd known about that program event, we would have come. SeatGeek's technology gives one of those rare opportunities to reach people, including those unfamiliar with us, that wouldn't have otherwise been exposed to our programs.

New York has a vibrant tech community and a dynamic arts community. By bringing these two elements together, we are seeing yet another way this city continues to show the innovation and ingenuity that creates new solutions and opportunities for all who wish to "make it here."

The arts for all are only one click away. Join us.