07/03/2006 01:01 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bush Administration Examining End Run Around Supreme Court Gitmo Ruling?

Here's what a fly on the wall might overhear..

Since the Bush Administration has never let the Constitution, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, nor international law get in the way of Guantanamo prisoner treatment, I can imagine the conversations at the White House since the 5-3 Supreme Court ruling that the U.S. may not hold prisoners there as "enemy combatants," but must treat them as Prisoners of War under the Geneva Convention.

I posit the following line of discourse:

Rumsfeld: "The fucking Supreme Court. What's their goddamn problem. Don't they realize this is a War on Terror?"

Dick Cheney: "All of a sudden I am thinking about what happened to a couple of Justices at the start of The Pelican Brief. Just idle musings on my part mind you."

President Bush- "Be patient, Dick. We are only one Justice away, and time is on our side.. OK, go ahead, Alberto."

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales: "I agree with you, Donald. And we are assessing the ruling to see about legislation."

President Bush: "Legislation would be good, but we need a faster-term remedy. Alberto, what are our immediate alternatives here? Do I have the authority to supersede this decision within my role as Commander-In-Chief? Does my Signing Statement authority give me leverage here?

Alberto Gonzales: "We'll be researching this all throughout the July 4 weekend."

Rumsfeld: "And we better come up with something fast. The terrorists don't respect any fucking Geneva Convention."

Cheney: "So Donald, what are you suggesting?"

Rumsfeld: "Well, we can't defy the Court in Public view. But there are things we can do in Private view that will allow the Gitmo command to use all of their authority over these dangerous men when and where they goddam feel it is goddam necessary. And I think we need to let them know that the Command here in Washington is sticking with them on this one, and will back them up."

President Bush: "Can you draft some sort of clarification statement to that effect, and send it through?"

Rumsfeld: "Will do, Mr. President."