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Cell Phone Users: Shut Up and Meditate

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Of course I have a cell. I even blog about the stuff.

I take it with me, but only turn it on when I need to. Why?

I like to hear myself think.

When I am on the bus, or the train, or in the mall, or walking downtown, and I see and hear everyone on their cell, I overhear much of the banter.

95% is not necessary:

"I'm here now," "we're gonna meet at Kirsten's house," "you won't believe what happened in math class," "did you hear who she's seeing," "did I wake you up, sweetie," "chanterelles or portabellos, hun?"

BFD. It ain't important.

Kid scrapes a knee, "my car broke down and here's my AAA number," "biopsy is back and its only an ovarian cyst.." "the Realtor called and we might have a bid," now that's important.

Face it. Most cell conversations are unnecessary. I wonder, with all of us yacking on the cell all the time, what happens to those quiet moments? Have we forgotten how to think? In solitude?

Why do we always need to stay in communication with others -- to the complete exclusion of communicating with ourselves?

There isn't enough quiet reflection in today's world. I know it is an acquired skill, but it is life-affirming for those practiced in it.

Thoreau wouldn't have yacked on a cell phone. Might have had one, but would have only used it in emergencies. Like calling his attorney to fight a greedy REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) who would want to put condos just beyond Walden Pond.

So why do you need to stay on your cell all the time? Rushed? Harried? Well, move back downtown. You'll have so much more time on your hands.