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Cindy Sheehan, We Still Need Your Brave Voice

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Yesterday, anti-Iraq War activist Cindy Sheehan basically said she has had enough of the war-protesting spotlight and is giving up public life for the forseeable future.

No more public appearances. No more "Camp Casey," that five acres of land in Crawford, Texas that she bought to be within hailing distance of President Bush when he's down there.

She's selling the land, moving back to California, and is going to try to build her life back. Maybe live in an area friendlier to her views. Maybe find love. Maybe find herself.

Having been villified by the right as a shrill mourning, soldier's Mom, she apparently has seen the daily carnage from Iraq, and the non-effectiveness of war defunding efforts by overcautious Democrats, as tantamount to a nation that turned a deaf ear to her.

As to the talk show hosts who villified you, they speak from talking points.

As to the other grieving parents of dead soldiers who've villified you, well, if they want to say that their dead son "died fighting to protect his country," well that's what they believe. We all have to deal with loss in our own way.

But no, Cindy. You taught us another way.

Millions of us didn't turn a deaf ear to your brave voice. In your voice, we've heard truth about an unnecessary war, and thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Cindy, it is true that you didn't stop this war- but you have caused many millions to reconsider their positions. It's a long struggle to fight the forces that keep us over there, and are sending in thousands more future "Casey's" as I type this.

Cindy, it is hot, you are exhausted and heartbroken. And as a human being with a free will, you have a right to live the kind of life you want.

But Cindy, if you want to come back on the public stage for a second wind, I can tell you this.

Cindy Sheehan, your second wind will be a mighty wind.