04/23/2007 05:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Doesn't President Bush Act Like Your Jerk Ex-Husband Sometimes?

Over the years, I've talked to more than a few women about why their marriages have broke up, and they divorced the jerk.

Or why their friend's marriages have broken up.

With another one of those conversations fairly fresh in my mind, I suddenly had a flash that much of President Bush's behavior resembles that of an asshole ex-husband.

Behavior such as:

Blind loyalty to longtime friends who drag him down and make him look bad (i.e. like Alberto Gonzales);

Control freak ("I'm the decider, I get to decide");

Refusal to listen to reason (global warming data, Iraq Study Group);

Launching or approving "get even" steps against those who cross him (allowing Valerie Plame to be outed);

Spreading fear if you don't obey (as in Bush saying Iraq de-funding would bring terrorism back to our shores);

Placing his ideas about children and family over yours (as in appointing anti-choice judges like Alito);

Trying to force his religious beliefs on you (as in Bush's Faith-Based Initiatives).

I'll bet there are more examples you could come up with.