Goodbye Paul Wolfowitz, You Unethical Warmongerer

05/25/2011 12:05 pm ET

Due to conflict-of-interest grounds related to his giving his girlfriend a high-paid cushy post, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz is being forced to resign his position. His last day will be June 30.

When I heard the news, I thought of other types of "girlfriends."

The "girlfriends" and wives of soldiers sent to Iraq by an Administration goaded into war by neocons such as the same Paul Wolfowitz.

The girlfriends and wives of soldiers as well as National Guardsmen trying to keep their families together after multiple redeployments in that same Wolfowitz-generated war.

National Guard and soldier wives and girlfriends who are struggling to pay their bills because their family's chief wage-earner is not at home in his job but is halfway around the world in harm's way- in a war urged on by Wolfowitz.

Wolfowitz, these girlfriends don't have connections like your girlfriend does.

And Wolfowitz, hundreds of these girlfriends and wives of soldiers who were fooled into enlisting for this unnecessary and illegal war by a President you brainwashed with cockamamie geopolitical theories don't have their boyfriends and husbands any more.

Because those boyfriends and husbands are dead.