09/19/2007 08:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hey Dan Rather, Thanks for Being Mad As Hell And Not Taking It Anymore

Somewhere, the ghost of Edward R. Murrow is smiling. And if the classic Network's Howard Beale was real, he would be going heh-heh.

I say this in response to Dan Rather's $70 million suit against CBS-owning Viacom, their chickenshit cowardice and their knife-twisting betraying ways.

Perhaps Rather's report on GW Bush not being the most diligent National Guard soldier was not all that airtight. Yet for daring to report leads in that area, Rather was marginalized by CBS and Viacom's Sumner Redstone.

Listen, Sumner Redstone. When you were running movie theaters back in the 1970s, Dan Rather was a distinguished reporter and anchor trusted by tens of millions of Americans. How dare you approve Rather's marginalization?

And to make matters worse, CBS' chief Les Moonves had the unmitigated gall to further diminish your reporting responsibilities at the same time he publicly wooed and then signed celebrity ass-kisser Katie Couric to take over the seat you -- and Cronkite, and Murrow -- so distinguishably occupied.

Now, Couric's ratings are in the tank, and Rather is standing up, battling the entertainment-focused corporation that has done him wrong in more than one way.

Dan Rather, I hope you kick Viacom's puff-addled, celebrity-obsessed ass seven ways to Sunday in court.