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How About Exterminator Tom DeLay for Walter Reed Commission?

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I don't like the former GOP Majority Leader any more than you do.

Still, I think I know a place where he can serve his nation. That would be on the commission that will investigate some of the problems at Walter Reed and several other hospitals that treat our maimed vets.

Although these difficulties are quite multifaceted in nature- underfunding, over-reliance on contract labor, lengthy battlefield-to-patient thruput-there are the physical plant infrastructure issues as well.

By those I mean roaches and bugs on the properties. No one who has served our nation should be treated in buildings that bear witness to those infestations.

That's where DeLay comes in. Before coming to Congress, he was a professional exterminator.

Despite some problems with the IRS, he ran Albo Pest Control for 11 years.

We also know that DeLay has budgetary and managerial expertise. He's used to cracking heads to get his way in Congress. "The Hammer," you know.

The Hammer. That's the same type of talent that will be needed to cut through the bureaucracy and make changes to the physical plant infrastructure component of our quite literally- bug-ridden VA hospital system. There will be lots of contracts, and bids, and interviewing of potential contractors eager to do their patriotic and fiduciary part to fix this mess. And via his background, DeLay would know how to frame a Request for Proposal and ask the right questions of potential exterminator-contractors.

Yes, I know he is ethically challenged. I'm not saying he should run this Commission. Wouldn't trust him to do that, and besides, Bob Dole and Donna Shalala are heading it up. But DeLay has some skill sets that would serve the Commission well. Given the seriousness of the mission I have just described, and the degree of ethical oversight that the Commission would be subjected to under a Democratic Congress, I would hope that he would behave.

And as to DeLay's current legal troubles- how about a Commission appointment as a type of community service?