07/07/2007 07:03 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Marryin' A Bush Fan? Think Again, Liberal Woman

I write this on July 7, 2007. That's 7/7/07-- a day so full of "lucky sevens" that many couples have expressly chosen to get married on this day.

I wonder how many of these marriages -- as well as ones to take place the rest of this year -- will be between sensitive, liberal Democratic women and conservative, Bush-backing Republican men.

Don't misunderstand me. Politically "interfaith" marriages most certainly can work. I mean, if he is a good, strong man, with income, ambition and ideals that provides for you and maybe even your children from an earlier marriage -- then perhaps by now you have learned to overlook the Republican politics of his REIT-investing, day-trading, materialistic and aquisitive Me First mindset. If you can harness the Me First into an "Us First," then you go for it, dear.

But there is a difference between a Republican-voting economic conservative and a hard-core Bush fan. A big honkin' difference.

Maybe you're dating such a guy. Maybe you two are pretty far on. Perhaps you can't walk by jewelry stores without at least doing some window-shopping.

But have you ever really asked yourself whether the way you are built internally as not only a passionate but compassionate woman can handle being married to a guy who believes in someone who:

Still believes the casualty-laden Iraq War was right, because, well, there were WMDs in Iraq and Iraq is part of the war on terror?

Believes that is more morally wrong to "kill" a stem cell that will never become a child?

Believes that the best way to help his country is to reduce taxes on the rich?

Believes that global warming is mostly the fault of natural processes rather than our excesses?

Believes it is OK to fire U.S. attorneys, and to countenance the outing of a CIA operative?

Believes that you, a woman, have no rights of reproductive freedom?

Lacks the intellectual capacity to learn from new facts, and whose self-defined "strength" is really stubborness informed by ignorance and fear?

At least for me, belief in those noxious positions maps back to a belief system that should be noxious to most women who care about their country, their planet, themselves.

So yea, maybe he is a "good guy." Maybe he's still a registered (cough) Republican). Fair enough.

But if he's still a Bush fan after 6.5 years of this crap, you ought to think more than once about what makes this guy tick, and whether you want to tie the knot with someone whose belief system is so different from yours.