On Heels of Joe's Defeat, Terror Plot's Revealed: Is There a Connection?

08/10/2006 03:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Earlier today U.K. authorities announced they had arrested 24 suspects in a massive plot to blow up 10 airliners.

And of course, President Bush and Department of Homeland Insecurity chief Michael Chertoff used the occasion to tell us that we are all still vulnerable to terror attacks from Al-Qaeda.

This news comes less than a day after an interview in which Veep Cheney said that Joe Lieberman's defeat in Connecticut is likely to give comfort to the same Al-Qaeda by showing we- or at least the Democratic portion of "we," are soft on terrorism.

Do you see a message coming out? Iraq is part of the war on terror, and those mouse-y pacifists in the Democratic party revealed their true colors by nominating a (gasp) anti-Iraq War dove instead of a pro-Iraq War hawk.

So in other words, the Dems - who are now rallying around that appeasing peacenik Ned Lamont- just make Osama jump for joy in whatever Wazeristan abode he happens to be in at the moment.

Not saying the plot can't be real, but if you remember the history of how these things unfold, it often turns out a few days after these arrests, that all these clowns did was conspire on Internet chat rooms and via instant messenger.

I wonder if what I just described will prove to be the arc here.