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Some Things To Be Thankful For--Besides a Democratic Congress

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Being thankful for a mostly favorable election is a given. Others have, and will write prose suggesting we give thanks to this serendipity.

Others will employ wit to credit thanks.

I will look elsewhere to inform my thanks, and suggest where at least some readers might draw on for theirs.

Be thankful for your eyes, which you are using to read. For there are so many - including my best buddy from my twenty-something years- whose eyes have died.

Be thankful for your mind, which enables you to reason. For there are so many who have never learned how to reason, but to react.

Be thankful for your power to believe. For so many who believe they believe merely follow.

Be thankful for the roof over your head in the room where you now read these words. For so many are homeless.

Be thankful for the electrical current that powers the computer you are now on. For there are many in the world who do not have electricity.

Be thankful for your ears, which feed verbal and mass communication into your brain for processing. For there are so many whose ears have died.

Be thankful for your hands, which navigate your keyboard. For there are so many whose hands can no longer move without pain.

Be thankful for those who love you, but cannot be with you today. For their messages may be in emails you can retrieve when you choose to shrink this browser window, and bring up your email utility.

Be thankful for the smells which are coming from the kitchen. For there are so many who hunger.

Be thankful for your life. For there are so many who live no more.