09/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

David Paterson, The Accidental Governor?

Governor Paterson is DEFINITELY AN ACCIDENT! Like a ten car pile up on the FDR! Or an eighteen-wheeler hitting a Prius on the 405! You may want to call him an accident, but he is not the guilty party! He's an accident because his principles, ideals and vision are the kind that we could not have expected to see in the Governor's mansion. The fact is, his support for people in need is unprecedented. So, this is one accident I am happy to be a part of.

It is easy to be as progressive as he is when you are representing a progressive district, but when you get to the Governor's office, I guess "accidents" are not supposed to happen. It seems that you are suppose to toe the line, and leave your progressive ideas where you came from. Definitely don't bring that sh*t to Albany.

Maybe we can say the Governor is cashing in the clunker, as it has been decades since we have seen a progressive in Albany like David Paterson. Okay, I will admit, he's got a sh*tty communications department and sometimes says the wrong thing...but, we should be looking at what he believes and what he is getting done and what he wants to get done. That is what really matters.

Putting aside his weak communications department, and his ill-advised decision to not appoint Caroline Kennedy or Andrew Cuomo to Senate last year, (although more conservative, Kirsten Gillebrand, is still a fine choice), the Governor is someone who the progressives should be thrilled
about. Throughout his entire political career, Governor Paterson has worked tirelessly to uplift and educate working class people. If the Governor runs next year, we should stand up and support him. In fact, whoever runs on the Democratic ticket, we hope he or she can live up to the standards set by Governor Paterson.

In a year where every single Governor is under fire, and other governors have simply quit (Mrs. Palin?), Governor Paterson is working hard to weather the storm during this difficult economic time. Remember, states don't have the ability to print money and spend their way out of trouble. Governor
Paterson, like every Governor has had to have a sharp knife, cutting so many programs and angering so many people. However, let's not forget how dull a knife gets for Governor Paterson when it comes to programs that uplift the poor.

During his short time in office, the Governor has been successful at championing progressive causes. He raised taxes on the wealthy (including me!), ended the Rockefeller Drug Laws, publicly supported same-sex marriages and gave $200 back-to-school grants to low-income families. And when the legislature in Albany was at stalemate, his leadership shined through when he named a lieutenant governor to break the tie. These are just a few reasons why David Paterson is no "accidental governor."

He is the righteous Governor of our great state of New York, and I know that if given the chance, while at the same time being held accountable by the people of our state, he can be a champion for all of us!

-Russell Simmons