12/19/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Do The Right Thing: Hillary for Secretary of State

President-elect Barack Obama is doing the right thing by strongly considering Hillary Clinton to be the next U.S. Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton will be the most effective Secretary of State and the best choice for the Obama team.

I know that there are many opinions circulating on this important subject. I am just one more informed individual who wants the new administration to be successful. I have had the experience of working with Senator Clinton with the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network on issues involving prison reform, more funding for public education and ending poverty. I believe she would do an exceptional job.

In addition, Hillary could further help to heal any divide that still exists within the Democratic Party. As we try to reach across the aisle to the Republicans to be bipartisan, it is important to also reach across the Democratic Party to build unity for the tough policy fights ahead facing our nation.

The agenda that we voted for needs all the support it can get. We can't expect to reach across the aisle unless we first prove we can reach across our party.

Plus Hillary garnered over 18 million votes during the primary elections earlier this year but then gracefully pledged her full support for the Obama-Biden ticket.

Beyond endorsing Barack, Hillary actively campaigned effectively for Obama in many key swing states like PA, OH, VA and FL. Of course there are some who prefer that Obama make selections of people who are only at first stage completely loyal to his agenda for change.

The truth is political change in the White House is not reduced to merely changing the names or personalities of those who will serve in an Obama administration. Obama received a huge mandate from millions of voters to "change America." Real change in the direction and public policies of the American government will necessitate that Obama assemble the greatest, most experienced team possible.

Some in mainstream media today refer to Obama's "team of rivals." But at, we do not see Hillary Clinton as a rival to Barack Obama. We see Hillary as an Obama supporter and a champion for the change that Obama embodies. If chosen she would be one of Obama's most loyal advocates and team players.

Obama was victorious in the presidential election with the avid support of the Clintons and many others. The right thing here is not to miss a chance in putting together a dream team that will become the Obama Change Team (OCT).

I named our site Global Grind, because our movement, our language, and our politics are all truly global. While we fight to restore the American economy, what better message to send to the world than to appoint as our secretary of state a woman who is already known throughout the world as a principled and gifted fighter for freedom and equality.

Hillary is like a 21st Century "Rocky." She refuses to stop being a public servant. She is tough and is not a quitter. Hillary is not only resilient, but also she is insightful and creative. It would be a mistake to overlook her again.

The Obama Change Team will be global on day one with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. We trust Obama's instincts and leadership and at the end of the day, we believe he will make the right decision.