10/14/2010 09:26 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Without Young People, Barack Obama Might Still Be a Senator

I have always believed that real change begins with young people, whether in this country or around the world. Throughout my entire career I have worked to empower and uplift young people whether through business, music, comedy, finance, fashion, charity, new media or the various other endeavors of mine. I believe it is the younger generation that culturally guides us and politically motivates us.

So it was no surprise to me when Barack Obama was 20 points down in the polls during the presidential primary, that it was young people who showed us that anything is possible. It was young Jews who listened to Sarah Silverman and called their Bubes and Papas and told them to vote for Barack. It was young African-Americans who went knocking on every door in every neighborhood, and shared the belief that the son of a Kenyan immigrant and a young woman from Kansas could achieve whatever he puts his mind to. It was young Latinos who went from the east side of LA to the east side of Harlem and urged their friends and family to support change in America. It was the young artists who created the iconic images that catapulted the face of a first term United States Senator to international recognition. It was young Asian-Americans who picked up the phones and made calls around the clock to encourage their peers to vote on election day. It was young people, every step of the way, that never gave up hope, never believed that they wouldn't see a black President in their lifetime, never lost belief in our political system...simply put, they never thought that America could not become a more perfected union.

It has been almost twenty months since Barack Obama was inaugurated and we have A LOT to be thankful for. The accomplishments of his administration are unprecedented and we are not even half way through his first term. However, admittedly there are times when we are frustrated, there are times when we want more and far too often there are times when we witness the selfish political maneuvering in Washington. But, we must remember that when we thought Barack couldn't win Iowa, couldn't win New Hampshire, couldn't win South Carolina, young people did. Young people have never given up, because it is their future we are fighting for and they are fighting right there with us. So, instead of engaging in our cynicism, let us be inspired by the optimism of their generation.

I am thrilled that the president has begun a national conversation with young people, starting at the University of Wisconsin last week and continuing with the MTV/BET/CMT Town Hall today. It is time for young people to stand up and be proud of what they accomplished when they elected President Barack Obama to the White House. It is now our time to listen to them and truly, truly take all of them into consideration in every decision that we make. Today on our site,, we are sharing the many voices of support for the President from big name celebrities to young people still doing the work in the field.

Mr. President, you have been a tremendous leader and an inspiration to us all. Remember that young people will always have your back, because you have shown them that they are not only our future, but also they are our present.

Make sure you vote in November.