05/29/2008 02:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Horsein' Around

New York City artist Gregory de la Haba believes the race for the Democratic Nomination has been quite a circus. That atmosphere has inspired his latest work, Election 08, which depicts the political horse race literally with "suggestively" posed horses representing Presidential Candidates Hilary Clinton & Barack Obama. More than five thousands of these equestrian posters have been plastered all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.

But, they are not only images, they are real taxidermic horses.

Yesterday I visited de la Haba's studio in Queens and saw the horses in person. These giant animals (with real hooves & teeth) towered above us as we chatted about the project. He began the installation five years ago and began to think of it more politically as he watched the negative turn the primary took.

When, after the Kentucky Derby the horse Clinton picked (the only philly in the race) died on the track after finishing second, de la Haba took the bizarrely symbolic event as a sign to finish the piece. At the Derby he had placed a bet on 'Big Brown,' who won and may become the first horse to win the Triple Crown in almost thirty years. The last race of the series,The Belmont Stakes, is on June 7th - just a few days before the last primary states vote.

We certainly could see history both at the tracks and the polls this year.

de la Haba has plans to poster Denver closer to the convention and take the installation public in New York very soon. Until then you can see the art plastered all over New York, or just visit the website.