Battle For The West: Family Sues For Terrorist T-Shirt Rights

10/24/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What's a kid to do when asked to wear a patriotic red, white, and blue t-shirt to school? If you're Aurora, Colorado, fifth grader Daxx Dalton, you naturally decide to don your homemade "Obama [is] a terrorist's best friend" shirt, of course, and promptly get suspended. The boy's father, Dann Dalton, a self-described "proud conservative" told Fox31 he supports his son and that the public school system is "full of liberal loons." The Colorado Independent reported that Dann Dalton was quoted in a 2000 story about an anti-abortion protest against a Planned Parenthood doctor as saying the protest was "God's work." In the story, Dalton is described as "[taking] part in the protest along with his two young children." The family is considering a lawsuit against the school district and 11-year-old Daxx said he'll retire the shirt for now, but plans on wearing it on election day.

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