08/02/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A-Rod: The Numbers Do Lie...Sort Of.

What is it that everyone sees in Alex Rodriguez that I don't? And please, don't say, "Just look at his numbers." I know A-Rod consistently puts up MVP numbers. He is the "greatest living ball player," right? But is it at all possible that a lot of those numbers are put up at really meaningless times?

Let's look at some other numbers. McDonald's, for instance, sells billions of hamburgers. But can't we all think of 20 places with better burgers? That's without even trying. How about The Dark Knight? First weekend alone it grossed like, eleventy kazillion dollars. Does that make it the greatest movie of all time? How about putting The Dark Knight in the Top 100 films of all time? Didn't think so.

Biggest selling records of all time -- Michael Jackson's Thriller? Saturday Night Fever? Frampton Comes Alive? All there on the list. A combined 40 songs. Would any be considered some of the greatest songs ever written? "Doobie Wah" or "P.Y.T." anyone?

I was born a Yankees fan. The whole family, great aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends of friends are Yankees fans. I went to Yankees games in 1967 when the highlight was seeing John Ellis get up. But even back in the Steve Balboni years, I felt like there was a team playing the game. When I watch A-Rod, all I see is A-Rod. Has he ever sacrificed an at bat for the team? Punched a little blooper to the opposite field to score the man on third? I watch almost EVERY game, I can't remember ever seeing it. His numbers are for himself.

There must be a statistician out there who can do this for me. Just how many of A-Rod's hits and RBIs came when the Yankees really needed them? Some, many possibly, will argue that a three-run dinger when the Yankees are already up by 5 runs is necessary. But again, is swinging for the fence every time you get up the best way to win a ballgame. Do his teammates like him?

Of course, it isn't all A-Rod's fault. As a matter of fact, most of the Yankees losses are not because of A-Rod. But neither are their wins.

Greatest living ball player and no rings. What good then, are his numbers? I want to get on board the A-Rod train. I welcome any and all comments. I want to be convinced.