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Sting, Where Is Thy Death

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We, as a nation, didn't always hate Sting. As a matter of fact, didn't we love The Police? Even the first 2-3 Sting solo records were quite good, especially the still very essential Ten Summoners Tales. So, what happened?

One fairly obvious fact is that the solo records became increasingly boring. But that shouldn't be enough. We don't hate Norah Jones. There is a mutual disgust for Sting in general, with complaints about everything from his beard, to his sexual habits, to his fascination with the lute, to his performance (?) in Dune, to his beard, to his wife Trudi, to his performance in "Dune," to his eleven billionth "E-YOOO-OH."

Is it all those things, or is there more to it? Get back to me...while I party on with his version of "Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming."