08/23/2010 07:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Three Talking Points on... the Cordoba Islamic Cultural Center

After a recent appearance on Fox News, where I discussed the Cordoba House Islamic Cultural Center being planned in lower Manhattan, a friend asked me for a copy of my talking points to equip herself at an upcoming family dinner. I thought you might find my talking points and arguments useful, too. So without further ado:

1. Islam did not bomb the World Trade Center.

  • Easy enough to say, but apparently hard for many to understand. So bears repeating. And repeating.
  • 2. Imam Rauf (the head of the proposed Cordoba House) is exactly the kind of moderate Muslim who undermines Osama bin Laden most.

  • Don't buy the right wing opportunistic demagoging. Even Glenn Beck called Rauf a "good Muslim" when they appeared on television together in 2006 to promote moderate Islam over extremism.

  • 3. America was founded on religious freedom and tolerance.

  • America's values should apply equally to all religions, just like they should apply equally to all skin colors, genders and sexual orientations.
    If we throw out our fundamental values, we're not protecting America -- we're destroying her.
  • Here, by the way, is a clip of my appearance on Fox News discussing the proposed Islamic cultural center and mosque: