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An Open Letter to Keith Olbermann

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Dear Keith:

I watch your show every weeknight. Even though you never have anybody from right of center, I watch your show. Even though your "Worst Persons in the World" sometimes includes petty criminals, I watch your show. You bring people into the public forum who normally have no chance to present their views, and I am grateful for their inclusion.


Although I feel that Occupy Wall Street is a magnificent movement that spotlights the startling disparity between the one and the ninety-nine, it's usefulness is ending soon. It is time to move on to issues like healthcare, our troops in overseas hot spots, our terrible array of conservative presidential candidates and those who believe in them.

Americans have the right to protest, they do not have the right to camp out forever. Some cops acted in a thuggish manner. I also witnessed protestors getting in the cops faces,which is at best foolish and at worst perilous. Cops behave this way: if they are given an order, they carry it out. They don't want to hear your complaints about society, or why your cause is righteous, just move along. If you don't move along,they will move you along.

Your assertion that the Justice Department acted in concert with city mayors to suppress and bring harm to the protestors is unfounded. Mayors get together for conferences, they know each other, and they undoubtedly reached out to each other about their respective "Occupy" in their jurisdiction. Did the Justice Department instruct the mayors on how to deliver a beatdown? There is no proof of that, only what you think happened.

Comparing the "Occupy Wall Street" camp removal to the Triangle Waist Shirt Factory fire is frankly ridiculous, as was most of the comparisons you made to OWS and past historical events.

Worst of all were the names you heaped on New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. From "tin pot Dictator" to "putz", you sounded like hysterically rude right wing radio blowhard Mark Levin. You are better than that. Your commentary last year on the miscreance of Dick Cheney was pointed,hard hitting and did not include a bunch of mud slinging brands. This was not Chicago in 1968. No panel will accuse the NYPD of rioting.

Why not invite Bloomberg on your show to discuss these matters instead of cheap shots from afar? You are a newsman and a public servant, with an interview of the mayor, you can serve both positions.