Custer Called, He Wants His Stand Back

11/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Say there, have you noticed? The country is turning brown. The next president could well be brown. The biggest sports heroes in Boston are brown. BOSTON! Those little league teams in your neighborhood have kids on it named Felipe and Kareem, and the valedictorian of the high school could have a Filipino dad. This is what happens when you keep bragging about how great you are. Others want a shot at the US of A as well, and pretty soon, the face of America needs more colors in the crayon box.

This explains why you see the ugly side of our land coming out in this race like never before. Race is the reason, religion is the reason, location is the reason. McCain's campaign is being run by people who believe that the goal is to win one more vote than the other guy. If the country becomes irrevocably divided, so be it. If you have to appeal to the base nature of people who have base feelings to begin with, so be it.

That's why Sarah Palin talks about small town America as the real America. That's why John McCain's flak talks about Northern Virginia -- the most heterogeneous part of the state -- as "not the real Virginia," and doesn't retract the thought even after a CNN host gives her a chance to, as he put it, "climb back off of that ledge." That's why an RNC chairperson in California passed around food stamp currency with Obama's likeness surrounded by stereotypical "Black" food, and said, "it's just food." Sure. Watermelon and fried chicken are normally associated with the Serbs.
This is it, this is possibly the end of the line for middle aged (and older) white men to run the country.

Younger, hipper, more eloquent, more evolved people could soon take over. Soon, we will stop glamorizing unlicensed plumbers who don't use their real name and could face jail time for gypping Uncle Sam. Soon (really soon?) we will stop glorifying mediocrity. Soon, we won't cast a vote for someone who doesn't travel, or read, or want to share the nation's wealth with the people who need to be shared with the most. Soon, being the smartest kid in the room will be a plus. Soon, being elite, being the best, will be an honor, not a slur. Soon.