08/04/2008 11:07 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dick's Grudge

About a month ago, I looked at Dick Morris' website. Of the first eighteen articles he had catalogued, sixteen were about Hillary Clinton, virtually all of them critical, highly critical. Whenever I saw Morris on Fox News (yes, I watch it, we all need a giggle now and then) he inevitably had something rotten to say about Senator Clinton. Why all the hostility, Dick? Why so mean? What could she have done to you to create this negativity? Then it hit me like a frying pan in a slapstick movie.
Dick Morris was a big deal in the Clinton Administration. It was Morris whose advice pulled Clinton to the political middle. It was Morris who advised Clinton to call for school uniforms and other programs that are inexplicably considered centrist (I don't get it, my kid is in public school, she wears a uniform blouse and I am a liberal with no complaints about the uniformity). It was Morris who ran Clinton's successful reelection campaign. It was also Dick Morris who was fired for getting involved with a prostitute. Since that time, he has made a lot of money as a professional Clinton hater, author, and born again conservative, AND a convert from Judaism to Catholicism, a leap of faith in every way.

If you ask him if his disdain for all things Clinton are related to the purported toe sucking of hooker Sherry Rowlands, he will bolt, as he did with radio host Karen Hunter, literally hanging up.
So, yes, Dick,you've made a lot money since getting the boot for licking the toe, but as people watch you batter Bill and Hil, it has to be in the back of their minds that you exude the bitterness of someone on the brink of permanent greatness, and instead have settled for wealth and notoriety.

Actually, my favorite moment with Morris was on The View. In the middle of the interview, Star Jones stopped everything to tell Morris that if "you touch me one more time, I'm gonna hit you." Everyone laughed that fake haha laugh to cover, but what reason would Jones have to stop the show to issue a threat? She may be hungry for the spotlight, but she isn't insane, so maybe Dick was sneaking a feel on network TV. If so, look for his new book, Star Jones is a Bitch.

Sam Greenfield is a radio talk show host at 1160 WVNJ in Teaneck,NJ