09/29/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Epitaphs for the Miscreants

Some people on the right have been unsparing in their attacks on Teddy Kennedy, even though as I write this he has not yet been laid to rest. These professed faith followers have violated the teachings of all that is good and pure by besmirching a man who has done more good for more people than they will ever dream of even reaching. I expect this behavior from Limbaugh. He would slam anyone in the name of ratings. I do not know Eric Stanger, an executive with ABC Radio, but I do know he worked closely with Sean Hannity, a self-described Christian conservative, so when Stanger labels Kennedy a "piece of garbage," it seems to be a departure from the teachings of Jesus.

I wonder what the scribes will write about those who have attacked Kennedy and/.or his programs as his family and most of the nation mourned. Hmmmm.....

Newt Gingrich died today. Gingrich was a former Speaker of the House who was chased from his position by his own party. He also negotiated a divorce with his first wife while she was undergoing chemotherapy. While chastising President Clinton for adulterous behavior,he was sleeping with his intern while Gingrich still married. Most recently,he attacked President Obama's health care bill without disclosing his neing financed by health care institutions.

Grover Norquist died today. He wanted to eliminate all taxes that might go to helping the needy and reportedly took money from convicted Bush insider Jack Abramoff. He refused to disclose his religious affiliation,leading to speculation that he might have taken on the religion of his Islamic wife, a move that might alienate the more devout Christian segment of his support structure.

Bill Bennett died today. Bennett was well known for preaching personal responsibility although he at one time or another was an obese chain-smoking gambling addict. He decried big government but gladly held two paid positions in the same government. Bennett's most famous quote was (and I paraphrase) that if all Black babies were aborted the crime rate would go down,leaving one to ponder if Bennett had been aborted, would not the cigarette and gaming industries have been economically damaged.

Ann Coulter died today. She holds the record for most negative articles about one political group and is the only conservative on record who openly idolized Joe McCarthy. She holds the distinction of making Bill O' Reilly look like a sympathetic character and earned the undying gratitude of all American men by never marrying any of them.

Town Halls died today. Due to the changing demographic makeup of the United States, these meetings that were populated largely by screaming elderly redneck gunowners simply ran out of people.

Clarence Thomas will deliver the eulogy.